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in san jose was cleaned up, others have sprung up. what the city is doing. the morning news continues. >>> welcome to a new day. it's tuesday, march 12. i'm dave clark. >> i'm maureen mayor, pam cook is off. rosemary orozco is in for steve. is the fog burning off? >> not just jet. i'm seeing it in more places. getting outside could be tough, driving i should say. we've got patchy fog, it's more widespread, it's in some inland valley locations, it's along the coast, patchy and dense in some areas. i'll talk about when i expect it will burn away and talk about the warmup expected for your afternoon coming up. >>> traffic on highway 4 is looking good. you see the fog seeping in and out, not thick but it's there. we're looking at highway 87, there's been a crash reported, they are looking for it. somewhere in vicinity much 87 and 280, this is 87, and you can see there's nothing going on here. but nearby there could be an injury crash, we'll try and find it by the next traffic update. 6:02. let's go back to the desk. >>> happening now in rome, the conclave to name a new pope scheduled to b
to have everybody under one roof. >> reporter: the service is being held in san jose because there was no large enough venue in santa cruz. so the procession starts in santa cruz leaving the boardwalk at 8:45 this morning. 200 vehicles will be traveling 33 miles taking highway 17 to 85 to 87. and then exiting on julian street. now, in attendance today here at the pavilion, governor brown, california attorney general kamala harris, and "american idol" finalist james durban who is interest santa cruz is going to be here to perform. it is going to be a three-hour ceremony starting at noon. anne makovec, kpix 5. >>> there will be two locations in santa cruz where people can watch the service on a big screen. one is at the kaiser permanente arena at 140 front street the other at the del mar theater at 1124 pacific avenue. the live video feed from hp pavillion will begin at 11:00. the venues open up at 10:00. no tickets. >>> public transit is available to get to the pavilion. the 17 express bus will run from santa cruz as to san jose on its no
in the middle of one. a san jose firefighter is set to go back to work on monday. cheryl herd is live in san jose with this story. cheryl? >> reporter: well, frank ryan has been a san jose firefighter for almost two decades. the majority of that time spent here at battalion station one in san jose. as a paramedic, he told me tonight that he never dreamed he'd be the recipient of care he often gives to others. >> how are you doing, buddy? >> some of his colleagues haven't seen him in seven months. that's when st. patrick's cathedral went up in smoke. and that's when his life changed forever. >> i remember a lot of smoke. a lot of heat. i went outside and felt more than just exhausted. i felt extreme nausea. >> reporter: he says he thought he could walk it off. >> i remember saying i was going to get up into the truck to lay down and i don't remember anything else after that. >> reporter: frank rooyan, a 17-year firefighter and 20 year paramedic had a heart attack. his colleagues quickly went from fighting a church fire save ryan's life. >> from what i understand, my heart stopped three or fou
that are expected to take weeks if not months. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >>> stephanie, thanks very much. san jose police investigators want you to take a close look at these surveillance pictures. the man in the white shirt and black shirt followed two riders off a light rail train three weeks ago. once they were several blocks from the station they confronted the victims threatening to shoot them and to hand over money and valuables. no one was hurt. if they look familiar, you are asked to call the san jose police department. >>> rain is expected to make a return for the holiday weekend. a live look right now in san jose. it's great out there right now. it's not going to last. let's bring in jeff ranieri. he has more. jeff? >>> cloud cover increasing out ahead of the storm system. onshore flow rapidly returning as the area of low pressure continues to spiral in the pacific, a decent amount of moisture. the other thing we're noting which is unusual at least for bay area standards is because this is pulling in so much moisture from the south, a little bit of humidity, look at the cloud t
set back for pension reform in san jose. formal complaint charges the city with taking it to the voter too soon. >> called the automatic driving assistant. tonight 7 on your side michael finy shows you how side michael finy shows you how it could change the way you >> good evening. 7 news at finance:00. spiking their drinks. police arrested a present ask teacherting sleeping pills in the toddler's cups. it happened at kitty academy in morgan hill. as heather explains, the parents of kids in that teacher's class are absolutely stunned by this news. and they are angry. police say 59-year-old oly sister resident worked off and on at the kidy academy for 5 years. worked in child care for 20. at the academy she was responsible for 10 children between the ages of 1 and two years old. friday morning she was getting ready for their arrival when a colleague noticed something strange. >> she is preparing water for them. and one of the other employees witnessed her putting something into this, these cups. not all but soil. police say she has admitted it was the adult s
in san jose. sky 7 was over the scene and police say poseas tossed a loaded handgun after police stopped him. they looked for him for several hours and shut down several streets before calling off that search. >> a 39-year-old woman was struck and kill bid a hit and run driver this morning. investigators say she was walking along southbound 280 near mclaughlin area sometime between 3:15 this morning. a number of drivers stopped to try to help. there is no description of the car or driver responsible. >> do you remember this home that was piled high with junk? all over the front yard? last month a judge gave orders of 30 days to clean it up there is a noticeable difference in what the house looks like in january compared to how it looks now. the debris and tents have been hauled away but there is a tent in the front yard. looks like landscaping is far off. owners say they have not heard from inspectors if the judge determines clean up did not go far enough, contractors will be sent over to finish the work. >> some progress, though. next week u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on same-
with developing story i san jose police looking for a gunman who they say shot a man in an apparent drive-by shooting. >> here is the place we're talking about. the address is 1720 hopkins and drive. that is a middle school area. let me push in and show you the area we're talking about. this again a middle school nestled in a community. police said the victim between 18 and 20 years old was standing on the sidewalk when a light colored guess you the drove by and someone opened fire. the victim remains in a hospital this morning their condition remains unknown. that happened just about 2 mi. away from monday's deadly officer involved shooting. authorities have identified bruce barthelemy as the san jose police officer was shot and killed a man they said tried to ram him with a car. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. the officer, members of san jose metro unit, were dressed in plain clothes when they noticed a suspicious car and found out it was stolen. the passenger in the stolen car is now facing several charges. >> a train hit and killed a pedestrian on th
a few high clouds overhead, that's it. all that live doppler hd is picking up. a few near san jose and a stream across the north bay throughout the course of the day. here you can see from the high definition east bay cam looking over the bay, you can see a few of the high cloud out there but didn't keep temperatures down too much. santa rosa, the high was 69. concord, 69. 68 in livermore. right now, live shots from our high definition roof top cam. the embarcadero of sap frearntion seeing a little bit of a milky sky. san francisco, 59 degrees. 57 in san carlos. a of hamp moon -- half moon bay, 63. another look towards the bay bridge, san francisco in the background. santa rosa, 66. so, the forecast highlights include those high clouds that will stay with us off and on tonight. it will be a cool evening in most locations. mostly sunny and mild tomorrow. then we're going to bring a chance of showers into the seven-day forecast next week. lows tonight, upper 30s in the north bay and east bay. welt we'll look for a little bit of the high cloudiness near the coast. half moon bay, 41. 4
fully reopened at about 2:20 this afternoon. >>> san jose police are investigating this accident between a scooter and that santa clara county sheriff's patrol car. it happened at 12:30 this morning at west heading street in the alameda. investigators are trying to determine if one of the drivers ran a red light. two people on the scooter were hurt but their injuries are not serious. the deputy was not hurt. >>> the manhunt continues for that san jose man suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend across the street from san jose police headquarters. police believe this man, juan ramirez, fatally stabbed sandra cruzes gonzales. it happened at a fast food restaurant on north first street near downtown san jose. it's the city's tenth homicide of the year. ramirez may be headed to mexico in a dark green 1996 toyota t-100 pick-up. >>> sheriff's deputies took in 600 guns, took them right off the street, including assault weapons. they sponsored a gun buyback. citizens turning in their guns received cash for a total payout of $62,000. today's byback the second this month was tied in with the unity
thursday has been moved to san jose to accommodate the thousands of mourners who are expected to attend. this morning, police are hoping this woman may have some answers about the killer. sergio quintana has the latest. >> steady stream of people continued their pilgrimage to the san jose police department. >> it shows a lot of community support. a lot of people were affected by this. >> the show of support has been overwhelming. a planned public memorial service next thursday was to be held at kaiser per in an day arena but both venues were deemed too small so they will be held at hp pavilion in san jose. there was mixed reaction from residents. >> the fact that it has to it was so big it had to be moved, it's awesome. it shows the support the community gives to each other. >> santa cruz officers are back on patrol. their day shift counterparts took over from the sheriff's department and california highway patrol. some officers welcomed the return to service. citizens have been so supportive. it's nice to get back and start serving them again. it's been a rough couple days. >> they are
this time yesterday from one degree, not much warmer in san jose, but five degrees warmer in mountain view, and three in concord and seven at half moon bay and three in napa. what are we doing right now? >> hanging out in the 40's to 50 and american canyon and petaluma and palo alto at 41 degrees. financial district right now is 50 followed by richmond at 49 and san leandro and union city at 48 and along with pittsburg and saratoga and santa clara at 45 degrees. as we head through the morning, we will hang out in the low-to-upper 40's from our inland neighborhoods through the coast and to the bay. by noon, the clouds throughout now, the fog is gone and sunshine and a few high clouds from time to time like yesterday but the new temperatures, the outdoor patios the be packed in the favorite restaurants as you head to 4:00, upper 60's around the bay and mid-70's inland and we will settle in the throw upper 60's around the bay and inland during the evening hours and cooler at the coast admit 60's. the warmth will reach the height tomorrow, but tapering on thursday and friday but still above av
and killed by police in east san jose. investigators are looking into what led up to this shooting. we'll have an update. ♪ >>> and overnight mass at the vatican, marking a new era for the church. >> reporter: miami or santa clara? who will host super bowl l? the nfl has nare roared it down but it doesn't necessarily want to pay. we'll tell you what the organization is asking for t "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, march 19th. >>> we have new video on developing news we first told you about in our last hour, the marine corps has confirmed seven marines were killed last night during a training exercise near the california/nevada border. there was an explosion just before 10:00 p.m. at the hawthorne army depot near hawthorne,ner. that's about 140 miles --ner. that's about 140 -- nevada. that's about 140 miles east. we've also learned the marines were based out of camp lejeune, north carolina. an official on scene was revealing limited information. >> it was a accident that ha
butler in hostage negotiation training. >>> the memorial for the two officers will be held at san jose's hp pavilion next thursday march 7 at noon. the service was moved to handle what is expected to be a large crowd. >>> today more than a dozen people who can't afford health insurance are getting some much- needed care for free. doctors and nurses at kaiser permanente in san francisco are volunteering their services to perform free surgeries. about 30 patients have been selected to receive those treatments. the organization operation access is spearheaded today's effort. this is the 20th year the group has provided free surgical care. >> you talked about it at the top of the newscast. a beautiful sunrise. let's turn it over to rose mary and see what we're looking forward to today. >> a good looking day. not as warm as we have been. those days are over. yesterday was the warmest day. into the 70s yesterday. today, widespread 60s. again, we will see the filtered sunshine. high clouds overhead. already, this morning, we will continue for your afternoon, and giving you a view there, of sa
-involved shooting in unincorporated san jose. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live in san jose with what police are saying about gunfire that followed an overnight chase. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. sheriff's deputies just cleared the scene on jerilyn drive. they've been here for 12 hours investigating. we were just told by a neighbor. they say this is where the suspect in a stolen car was shot, where you see all of this broken glass and just across the street, that's where they say that he crashed his car after he was shot. i don't know if you can see. there's some debris there, still in the street in this residential neighborhood. now, this all took place just before 7:00 last night. san jose police were driving in unmarked cars from the specialized metro team. they spotted the stolen car, tried to spot it. authorities say they did use their lights and siren. the suspect then started to ram into police cars and the parked vehicle. one of the officers got out of his car. investigators say that's when the suspect
was in the suspect's car. now, in the last hour, we've determined that car is registered to a man from san jose. we still don't know whether this victim and the suspect knew each other or what led deputies to shoot and kill the suspect, just moments after they rescued the woman about 20 miles from here in geronville. this was our first look at the suspect's toyota, windows blown out as a tow truck hauled it away this afternoon. a wild chase and deadly confrontation with deputies ended in this wooded area of geronville off highway 116 after 11:00 last night. >> i suspect that he knew where he was going and was trying to evade the police. >> reporter: bob reeves owns the house nearby, but didn't know what happened until this morning. last night, investigators say a woman sent a text message to a friend in san rafael that she had been kidnapped. >> that she was concerned for her safety and being driven to sonoma county against her will. >> reporter: more text messages helped deputies spot the suspect's car on geronville road in santa rosa, setting off a high speed chase through winding roads. it ended
thursday set at march 7th and will be held at a speed pavilion in san jose. it's expected to be a large turnout. a mechanical problem on a plan leads to an emergency landing at san francisco international airport. officials to united airlines flight was flying from vancouver set canada saturday afternoon when brown started with the hydraulics the plane was carrying hundred and seven passengers managed to land safely. they are competing in the escape from alcatraz triathlon. we talked to two competitors this morning about what it takes to get ready. next line i want to stay as warm as i can in the water. 18 mi. bike ride and a swim through the bay. it will finish at the marina green. 40 different countries are competing. >> and we're watching washington this morning. one day after 85 billion dollars worth of federal spending cuts went into effect. the defense department is expected to feel the cuts first. >> now to the latest on washington's failure to avoid billions of dollars in spending cuts. the effects of those cuts isn't being seen yet by the average american. but washington says t
, 73 at santa cruz, a mild day for you. san jose you're looking at 73. the extended forecast, the warming trend continues into wednesday, with wednesday being the warmest day, even looking at the possibility of near record temperatures for this time of year. thursday, friday, notice we begin a bit of a cooling trend, it's minimal but we'll continue into the weekend, partly cloudy skies, upper 60s to low 70s in the forecast for the afternoons. back to the desk. >> thanks, rosemary. >>> san jose city council will talk about plans for dealing with homeless camps. the largest encampment was cleared out friday with 60 others in san jose. city leaders are proposing ideas to reduce the number of people living in parks along creeks, and on streets. they hope to increase enforcement, provide affordable housing and help nonprofits move people indoors. >>> caltrans plans to install special fencing to keep homeless people from under a freeway in san francisco. crews cleared a camp on king street near 280 in mission day. city workers offered to take them to a church for assistance and scr
from a san jose city clerk. the mercury news reporting that clerk noticed a possible forged signature on a city council campaign form. the former santa clara county supervisor has resigned, agreeing onto plead guilty of charges he used campaign funds to support his gambling conviction. shirawaka served two terms as a city councilman and on a local school board before becoming a supervisor. >>> a southbay hot spot could get hotter and more hectic if you're looking for a punishinging space. city of san jose is considering a plan to build office space on santana road. three new buildings that total 700,000 square feet. the space would accommodate between 2500 and 3500 employees. the plans would require building on an existing parking lot along with chester boulevard and acknowledging this nearby apartment complex. reportedly the developer would build an underground parking garage. the city of san jose still has to approve the proposal. >>> house republicans releasing a plan today attempting to show it is possible to balance that budget within 10 years by simply cutting spending. even tho
democrats will reject. >>> san jose city council will present ideas tonight regarding the homeless problems. transients living in a field near the san jose airport were told to leave on friday. but there are an estimated 60 camps in the city. a homeless man we spoke with said people need help finding work. >> as far as like programs for us, help us get jobs. i mean, a lot of us want jobs. a lot of us have families. i have two sons that i don't get to see because i'm out on the street. >> city leaders hope to increase enforcement at encampments provide more affordable housing and help nonprofits move people indoors. >>> that's made a big announcement share -- that's made a -- nasa made a big announcement today. janine de la vega reports the red planet might need a new nickname. >> reporter: nasa scientists know that mars should not be called the red planet. "curiosity" drilled a hole in the planet and discover what was hiding underneath. >> drilling down just a few centimeters and hitting a completely different planet, really, a gray planet instead of a red one wases is powering. >> reporter
reporter david has more from san jose. >>reporter: george junior has been elected official for a decade until today. but behind the scenes investigators from the district attorney's office say he was cheating taxpayers and campaign donor by using their money as his personal pig bank to fuel what he admitted today is a gambling addiction and depression. he's accused of forging signatures on bank accounts and failing to file state mandated disclosure forms and creating a slush fund. >> the only person allowed to sign checks ordeal with that account was george sher ka washington taking in campaign money and he used it in casino or for personal purposes. >>reporter: in investigators say he used county credit card crash creek thunder valley and harrah reno casino and went through restaurant sets receipts and found half of 200 dollar tab spent on alcohol even though he signed a county form claiming no hotel charged to taxpayers. evidence was laid out to his attorney earlier this week. in an agreement reached that he will plead guilty. pay 50,000 dollars in state penalty and reimburse th
are investigating. >> the san jose city council will tackle the growing homeless problem tonight. last friday, 100 people were moved from a tent city on spring street near the river. our media partner reports that city leaders are offering sweeping proposals and will look at more affordable housing and encouraging faith-based groups do storm feeding the homeless and find housing instead. >> still ahead, the new push to protect victims of sexual assault in the military. what a bay area lawmaker is proposing today. >> high profile hack job, a website is boasting they have personal financial information about celebrities from hollywood to the white house. but not everyone >> a victory for same-sex marriage couples in colorado allowing civil unions for same-sex couples has cleared the legislature. seven years ago colorado voteers banned gay marriage making civil unions the only option for same-sex couples. >> a congressman wants an investigation why the army dropped rape charges against a man who killed two santa cruz police officers. two army court ma shuls against the shooter were dropped in exchang
walking past an oakland bakery. oakland police are investigating. >> the san jose city council will tackle the growing homeless problem tonight. last friday, 100 people were moved from a tent city on spring street near the river. our media partner reports that city leaders are offering sweeping proposals and will look at more affordable housing and encouraging faith-based groups do storm feeding the homeless and find housing instead. >> still ahead, the new push to protect victims of sexual assault in the military. what a bay area lawmaker is proposing today. >> high profile hack job, a website is boasting they have personal financial information about celebrities from hollywood to the white house. but not everyone is [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. at&t u-verse high speed internet offers more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hotspots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fas
within a couple of hours of the conclusion. >>> also the search is on for a missing san jose state student last spotted in the santa cruz mountains. 22-year-old gab real smith was reported missing earlier this morning. records show a state park ranger wrote him a ticket for camping illegally in the park just hours before he was reported missing. a formal search and rescue has not yet begun but deputies are asking for the public's help. he is 5'10" and about 150 pounds. >>> you have to spend money to make money. that appears to be the game plan for santa clara for landing super bowl l. kris sanchez joins us live from santa clara. not everyone is on board with that game plan. >> reporter: i think that is safe to say but the mayor says he is working hard to make sure his city doesn't lose money if it hosts the super bowl and is willing to give up key concessi concessions. folks who have opposed the stadium say he is making promises that he just cannot keep. the san francisco 49ers stadium is going up right on schedule. the work behind the scenes to bring super bowl l is no less seriou
at the togo's restaurant in downtown san jose. a student eating there heard the commotion and rushed over to help. >> so i ran over there, and it was just empty. she was laying on the ground on her face bleeding. >> a police search of the neighborhood came up empty. police are still searching for ramirez this morning. they say he and gonzales broke up two years ago and she had an active restraining order against him. police believe ramirez could be headed to mexico in a truck that looks like this one. a dark green 1996 toyota t-100. if you see that truck you are urged to call police immediately. >>> new video of a tree that fell on a house in the oakland hills. it happened around 3:30 this morning on oakwood drive, the tree estimated to be 75 foot tall crashed down on the corner of the roof. the downed tree also brought traffic on oakwood drive to a stop. firefighters say they do not know what caused that tree to fall. >>> an investigation is underway into a crash involving a scooter and a santa clara county sheriffs patrol car. the accident happened before 12:30 this morning in the area
are pretty mild. mid-cities in san jose oakland talker. pre-war today in the south bay. cloudy but fatigue warm day. 66 for downtown san francisco. there is moisture to the north of us. we could see some spotty showers today but most of the rain is coming tomorrow. >> a 10- year-old girl is recovering this morning after she was struck by debris caused by a bullet fired in east oakland yesterday. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news..showing cops on the scene. just before 5-pm gunshots were reported near the corner of 82nd avenue and a street. police say the girl was taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries. this is just one of several incidents where injury was caused by shots fired in oakland yesterday. >> that is the sound of bullets captured by a police shot spotter. those shots fired in richmond thursday afternoon. ended up hitting a one- year old baby boy. the gunman responsible for that shooting is still on the loose. the boy is at home recovering from removal of a bullet fragment in the neck. >> police are offering a 25- thousand dollar reward. f
are behind bars this morning after they ended in a police shooting in san jose. >> baseball is also back in the bay area. off the bay bridge season starts tonight in san francisco. we will have the details coming up. >> we're also watching bay area weather this morning. rain is headed our way. how it could affect your easter weekend. a check of the forecast will be in just a bit, but first let's send it over to the traffic center with george. >> the back up is no longer content went to build but it is at the toll plaza. the drive time is now 20 minutes for the bay bridge. if you're coming from the macarthur mayes if you're coming from the mimic freeway. >> we are waking up to scatters sprinkles. here's a look at storm tracker 4. we also saw some light rain for the embarcadero. you may need to use your windshield wipers as you head into work or school. off the temperatures are mainly in the '50s. look for a mix of sun and clouds for the afternoon. satellite radar shows activity is being asked to issue. we will have full details of your easter weekend coming up. >> we have been following t
police nor city attorney would give us a comment today. >> just when san jose finally has its budget in order a state agency may throw out the public employee pension reform many credit for the balanced budget. voters approve measure b last june. abc 7 news reporter david louie has the story. >> the first battle was at the ballot box should san jose impose pension reform on workers. it pass bid 70% of the vote last june but tho now an agency issued a complaint against a city that it didn't bargain in good faith before putting issue on the ballot. >> it will be a trial. there will be witnesses under oath. documents and argue fumts. a judge will issue a decision. >> the units are happy the state agency issued four complaints supporting the firefighters, two engineering units and staff. the mayor thinks complaints have no merit. >> we met and confered for months on end so we have done a great deal of negotiations i think when facts are looked at that will indlud it was in good faith. >> the city has seen obligations grow reaching almost $200 million and rising. deficits triggered cut ba
and killed a pedestrian on the caltran tracks in san jose. the person was hit by a northbound train near west virginia street. the train had recently left the tamien station, and there was only one passenger on board. several other trains were also delayed. full service was restored around 7:03 p.m. last night. >> president obama has arrived in israel, this is his first trip to the nation as president. this is video of his arrival from earlier this morning. israelis are anxious to hear obama from america's commitment to the security of the jewish state, despite his pairing with is a role prime minister benjamin netanyahu over the phipalestinian peace process. obama is also making trips to the palestinian authority and to jordan. >> we will be right back. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarant
train tracks in san jose. the person was hit by a northbound train near west virginia street. the train had recently left the team itamien station and there was only one passenger on board. several other trains were delayed. the death was the fourth fatality on the cal trans corridor this year. >> they need to do a better job, letting the parents know. especially with the bomb threat. >> the school is doing everything possible in order to protect the students. students are number one here in fremont. >> fremont police say they alerted the public about the bomb threat using their legal system. the school superintendent says cool the not contact parents about the recent falls alarm. >> 7 of 6:00 a.m. and a preschool is reopening today after being closed for four days after discovering a teacher had tied up a child for refusing to take a nap. will tran giant as from center point christian preschool. >> this feature is barred from finding any employment in the teaching profession while this investigation is ongoing. i just got off the fall of one of the administrators, school started five m
above the average of 76 in livermore, about 74 degrees in concord, 73 in san jose. a good 7 degrees above average and about 69 degrees in san francisco. could get even warmer tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we have updates on a couple of different things we're watching. first at the golden gate bridge, this morning foggy so heads up. visibility may be a touch of an issue this morning if you are heading from marin county into san francisco. elsewhere, so a couple of problem spots westbound 24 at telegraph in oakland, four-car crash minor fender-bender quickly cleared to the right- hand shoulder. so not seeing any delays from the caldecott tunnel to the macarthur maze. fire northbound 238 near the 880 interchange from san leandro sounds like it's a smaller trash fire. it was visible from the freeway but it's on hesperian boulevard just off the freeway on city streets. elsewhere, out in st. helena, highway 29 at whitehall lane, this was an accident that happened overnight around 4
's chris from san jose who just arrived here at the search center. you have your vest on. are you leady -- you are ready to go. why do you keep coming down here? >> i'm coming down to give back to the community president that's what i like to do is help and give until my heart bleeds out this is a great cause to come out and help and we urge people to come help. the more the better. still going on. we have big turn outs most days. it's every saturday. it's just something good to do. >> reporter: what continues to give you hope you will be able to find her? >> the family. we have hope as the family does and we want to keep the family keeping hope and that's why we do this. >> reporter: thank you. one of the volunteer searches who will take part. also want to point out this ongoing search has been oed by the class kids foundation. they have planned a child safety and fundraising event that will happen later today that. at niles hall and that goes from one in the afternoon until five in the afternoon and then of course following that news conference the family will hold at nine here. in
at the transcribe bound -- tribune tower. >> san jose police are still looking for one suspect in a violent purse snatching. police are looking for january 000 rios, his sister was arrested on thursday. police say joseette punched and kicked the victim after she got off the light rail frame. both suspects then ripped the purse from the victim and ran away. >> new concerns about contaminated soil at moffet field. >> celebrating the irish around the bay. the big parade and the parties coming up. >>> and a change in the weather ahead. meteorologist leigh glaser is up next with your accuweather forecast. >> mike: the world baseball classic down to the final four. and college football, winding down spring practice around the nation, including >> carolyn: new concerns tonight about cyber hackers. california utility officials are warning that hackers are targeting utilities and that could cause major outages. the california public utilities commission warns that smart meter and other computerized gear can be easily hacked. the agency is now considering new rules to bolster protections. >>> the epa has o
. the state public relations board filed a complaint against the city of san jose claiming it did not negotiate adequately with city workers before putting the pension reform plan up for a public vote. the mayor strongly disagrees. >> they're complaining about negotiations prior to putting a major b on the ballot. they had hundreds of hours of negotiations we had 20 sessions with state mediators. >> the board will try to get two sides to settle. if that fails would go before a judge. >> a bay area accountant says his life will never be the same after being wrongly accused by police. the picture posted on the most-wanted in oakland for about a month. more on a mistake that turned his life upside down. >> you know the claims are dramatic. his attorney says any law abiding citizen's worst nightmare. it may be up to a judge to decide if accusations are true. >> a friend called me and said i was on the news for a shooting. i can i'm like this must be a joke. >> van wasn't laughing. he says in february of last year his friends told him he was wanted for a shooting. they'd seen this mug
four complaints against the city of san jose. the action means the complaint has to be heard by an administrative law judge. after 70% approved measure b some city workers resigned rather than accept reduced benefits and a higher retirement age. >> the city had a requirement to bargain in good faith and did not do so. >> city workers say the state employment relations board has been successful in challenging san diego's pension reform plan. >>> police on the peninsula say the sunnyveil man who killed three members of a family was driving drunk. he made his first court appearance today. police say on saturday night he was driving about 60 miles per hour when he hit the family's car. he had been racing away from another accident he had just caused. police say a blood test show the blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit after drinking beer for five hours at a nearby restaurant. the crash killed a mother and two sons and critically injured a fourth person in that car. the times reports he is already on probation. >>> still ahead tonight at 6:00 a local woman unde
they are considering. >> i just stepped out of the san jose city council meeting where the council inside approved a plan to address homelessness. which members say they hope leads to a solution and not just a quick fix to the problems. the fields near san jose airport that once held a large homeless camp are clear of tents today, security guards parole to keep homeless from coming back. >> they are just moving people from one spot to another. they are giving no help. >> the city council considered a wide range of proposals to find a solution to the homeless situation. the council plan emphasizes a regional multiagency approach to finding permanent, affordable housing, such as converting buildings for rental and sale. a long line of community group said the city needs their expertise. >> there are really good infrastructures and relationships and a system that we have developed that we know works and the time is now to bring it to scale. >> can we use old hotels in a new way? can we use the current stock we have more effectively? >> it could cost $27 million for housing considered in the pipe
on the east side of san jose. but by his own admission, he made some bad mistakes. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, damian. >>> the san jose woman who made headlines for her chili finger hoax has pled not guilty to covering up a parole violation by her son. they say ayala made up a story about her son being shot when he's the one who accidentally shot himself in october. she and her son are convicted felons. so that means they're not allowed to have guns. praurts say she helped her son get rid of his illegally owned weapon. both now face up to four years and eight months in prison and are being held on 150,000 dollars bail. >>> happening now smaller venue and shorter hours. those are some of the changes in tonight's first friday arts festival in oakland. tonight some are remembering a teen killed at last month's event. i want to show you a live look at the festival on telegraph avenue. also there lots of cops. wanting to avoid the violence that killed kiante campbell shot and killed after the february event. one vendor says she hopes the sho
view from the south bay -- in san jose. and a live shot from our camera in san francisco. jacqueline bennet is tracking this storm. jacqueline, where is the storm now? >> jacqueline: there could be some light of sprinkles. and plenty more rain fall on the way. here is a look at the light showers. as we go towards the san mateo coast. light rainfall also along the san mateo coast. for tonight and tomorrow for rainfall is kind of all around us at that point. the tail end of this system is over california on it and well offshore. continuing to press into the bay area tonight and tomorrow. to pinpoint these schuller's through the north bay. for the next couple of hours. widespread. we will time it out on futurecast but right now. kron4's charles clifford is pacifica --- he's tracking the conditions there. >> reporter: yes. it is raining all along the coast i am not far from the pacifica pier. just from the last 10 minutes it has been a light rain. earlier, it was nice. but perhaps in the last 30 minutes it has cooled off. i have been watching the radar images. it looks like that it is of
but a lot of 40s. san jose really picking up the fog there. same for mountain view, sunnyvale. the high clouds are out of the picture. there will be a lot coming in tonight and tomorrow. today is the day to enjoy it. warm inland temperatures. 70s. mostly sunny. i say that because there could be a few high clouds. but it looks pretty good. nice to warm. in fact, temperatures today, 60s 70s. we'll have more coming up in about ten minutes. >>> all right, steve. >> we're in the final seconds of a nasa launch to a private spacecraft. live pictures -- >> minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> talk about perfect timing. >> and lift-off! >> it's supposed to take more than a ton of space station supplies an quit. it includesicks per -- and equipment. it includes experiments by nasa ames. one will help scientists understand how planets grow, the other, biology. nasa is paying for this. it's the third time a dragon capsule has made the trip. so far it looks like a picture- perfect launch. >> yeah. >> we took it live. we'll continue to follow that for you and give you updates on the rest of "morni
has gone by. pretty significant batch on the room to the south bay. expecting showers in san jose. about 40 minutes away from sunnyvalley. keep that in mind. it will be cool. you'll need a jacket. and umbrella. warming up through the weekend. >>> toll plaza, we had a crash here on the san mateo bridge. we had slowing, recovering now. down toward the dakota area, dumbarton bridge. northbound route 101 slow from capital past the crash. >> mike, appreciate it. thank you very much. another localup date for you in one half hour. hope to see you then. shop like a fashionista. today i got these amazing designer heels. save like a maxxinista. what to get rid of this time? designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx. >>> kate, can i call you katie? okay, kate works. i'm going to be real with you here. i don't have a girlfriend and with prom season rolling around, this would be problematic for some, but not me. i'm opt muimus prime, i see the glass half full. >> high school senior from california asks kate upton to be his date so will she go? she had some kind of response on twitter overnight
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to be a whose who of powerful politicians, landowners and merchants all pushing at that time for san jose to be named the california state capital. all those men were wiped out, though, in a single day. a year later sacramento became the state's permanent capital. so did the lind disaster forever change california history? maybe. >> it's definitely a possibility. and certainly something to ponder. >> based on their findings, claire and fellow researchers convinced the county of santa clara to erect a monument to the jenny lind disaster in el vizo. it will be dedicated on the 160th anniversary of the disaster. >>> speaking of bay area history, you don't have to be too old to remember what silicone valley was like before the ad vent of technology. before cupertino was home to apple, it was home to bobby's coffee shop. opened in the late '60s, it was a breakfast and lunch institution, one that almost became a memory were it not for the fact it contained so many memories for one person, in particular. when you're business runs on a steady diet of ham and eggs, regular customers are your bread
seventies san jose. 7 day around the bay forecast shows gradually cooler weather as we head into the weekend. temperatures will still be above the seasonal average. cold for zero push at the we will see some wet weather tuesday night into wednesday. >> loss of slow traffic to talk about this morning. we have a fog advisory in place for all our bay area bridges. sam the sale, 92 for those of you had traveling toward hayward and foster city. the bay bridge is still a hot spot, we have foggy conditions across the span as well as you are backed up into the oakland a's. you're looking at 25 to 30 minutes out of your ride from oakland into downtown san francisco. when you get to the toll plaza, the fog really slows everyone down. visibility is reduced, the hazardous driving conditions so use more caution when going across the span. same for the san mateo bridge, you cannot even make up the cars here in this live shot. this is 92. the fog advisory is in place here, drive times are 15 minutes between hayward and foster city. make sure you have your headlights and wipers on. no accidents are salsa's
hayward, fremont and livermore. it continues to go to the south-east heavier near san jose and mountain view impacting the morning commute. as for go for the later morning hours the shower activity will return but spotty. continuing showers and thunder one-half inch locally for most locations. as for go towards the sierra is not a lot of activity. but by midnight just mainly rainfall. later tomorrow, the snowfall will appear but just above the 7,000 ft.. and it is going to be too warm. by 11, we can still see some snowfall but is mainly going to be rainfall. and for the afternoon, temperatures in the 50s and of the lake level, the smell libya 7,000 ft.. the drier conditions expected on thursday, friday half a look at your extended forecast. >> jacqueline: and as we can see the warmer weather slated to return. and we can see there is going to be more rainfall and snowfall. >> gary: . evening, everybody in. st. mary's one of those games where matthew had 22 points. fast randy bennett 67-54 on to the next one and memphiswmn stanford tulsa year in and year out.the bay areas
in your neighborhood. 70's through the san jose. low 70's for the east bayshore. even if warm along the coast. several degrees warmer. 60s but not the 70's. 70's for the north bay. as we go for thursday and friday the sea breeze will return. we will continue to cooling trend for next week. >> coming up seventh street and market street in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> gary: coming up later the draft choice with the raiders. and walker is draft choice with the raiders. and walker is gone...[ female announcer ] the one for all. mcdonald's dollar menu, home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love... ♪ ...and other amazing tastes, for just a dollar each. ♪ like the bold hot n spicy mcchicken, and the new grilled onion cheddar burger topped with caramelized onions and melted white cheddar. everyday, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. (male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> lets look at the lady holding flip flops near the corner of 7th and market streets in san francisco see appear to be tryi
on the market. sacramento, california, followed by stockton, california, san jose, and denver colorado. a lot of the california, first three, those were all really hard-hit places. people are snapping up houses. not a surprise given the economic recovery in the golden state. >> if you want to see lists, go to at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. license and registration please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today? because i'm a pig driving a convertible? tail light's out.. fix it. digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app. >>> nick d'aloisio just sold his smartphone app to yahoo! he's still in high school. zain asher is joining us new york. built an app that makes it easier to study. he might not have to study again. >> reporter: a lucky, lucky guy.
, we have a storm headed in our direction. outside right now, it is dry into san jose, a lot of clouds there at this time. but as we head throughout the day we'll see more of that toward the afternoon. the temperatures in the 30s and 40s right now. the winds picking up this afternoon, as well. and that's when we are seeing rain moving into parts of the north bay. spreading to the south throughout the evening hours and overnight tonight. showers likely to continue into tomorrow, maybe some thunderstorms on thursday. dry though for the weekend. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by the one and only dairy queen blizzard. up side downright delicious and only at your dq. . >>> it is a congressional race like no other. a former governor walked away from his job, faces ted turner's son and steve colbert's sister, we'll hear from all three this morning. >>> plus jeb bush has election advice for his fellow republicans. the former governor weighs in on the 2016 campaign and what it will take to elect the next president. >>> and the bay a
.11 in san jose. >> will be back with more. we're following the story out of marin county were rescue crews are investigating the fatal accident. Ñáçwçñ thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> we are back. it is 4:45. >> we want to talk weather. to date will be the warmest day of the week. >> not only of the week james. but for 2013 so far. >> check out livermore coming in at 75 degrees. 76 was the afternoon high in concord. looking at temperatures now we are awfully warm start. low 50s and oakland. 47 downtown san francisco. >> futurecast 4 tracking the temperatures for you. by 12:00 lunchtime, a split decision between green indicating '60s and the yellow indicating seventies for some of our in one spot. setting the clock into motion 2:0
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